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Chatbot Overview & Simple Pricing


Translator's AI and human-supported chatbot technology ensures employees get the support they need to navigate difficult conversations at work in real-time. We have designed this anonymous, voluntary, and repeatable learning platform to be an employee benefit that also generates valuable data and insights about the current state of culture and team dynamics for management.

The Chatbot can be purchased as a standalone product - see details below - or as a complement to any of the other products in our portfolio.


Confidential. Conversational. Solution-focused. On-demand.

Translator's chatbot technology offers:

  • On-deman individual coaching and problem-solving from a diverse expert network
  • Ongoing reinforcement of best practices and cultural values
  • Easy install into Slack and many other messaging platforms
  • Tailored to organizational goals and values
  • Insights and data on current cultural dynamics


Ready to get started using Translator’s chatbot?

All you need is Slack and at least 50 employees. We will take care of the rest for only $1/mo per user, enterprise wide, billed annually with no installation fees.

Please note: due to heavy service demand, account provisioning and implementation may be delayed for up to 3-4 weeks.