By Natalie Egan

Here at Translator we believe the last three major innovations in Diversity & Inclusion were:

    1. Learning Management Software / LMS. Yes, we’re referring to the kind from the 1970’s. Eventually, these systems became eLearning, but they are essentially the same thing.
    1. Employee Resource Groups / ERGs. These don’t fall under technology, but they count as innovation, perhaps.
  1. Chief Diversity Officers / CDOs. Also not a technology and while super likable, they are not very scalable.

As the CEO of Translator, I have interviewed hundreds of D&I leaders that would laugh in agreement. But one story sticks out above the rest.

It was one of our first meetings after launching Translator, and it happened to be with the CDO of a major entertainment and media company that is globally recognized for its leadership in Diversity & Inclusion. Just as the meeting started and before she knew anything about Translator, I asked her about her role and her vision for D&I at the company. Without hesitation she launched into great detail about her responsibility across all aspects of D&I for all 75,000 employees globally, including managing D&I representation and talent for all their broadcast television shows and the experience of millions of guests annually for live events. It was impressive yet exhausting to listen to the big challenge she faces everyday. It was clear that they had a very robust D&I program and were actively investing in it at a level driven by the CEO. At the end, I asked her a simple question: ‘How are you using technology to support your efforts across all those people and experiences?’ She just looked at me, and it felt like time stopped. She slowly lifted her finger and scratched her head, like when you do when you try to answer a question you’ve never been asked before. She said,’Huh? I guess, well um’ Let me know if you know any.’

It seems obvious now, but it was then that I truly understood that the challenge of enterprise Diversity & Inclusion was too big and complex for one small tech company to solve. The people I spoke with were enterprise leaders. Yet they had no access to technology. D&I needs a tech upgrade – big time.

So every time I meet an a fellow entrepreneur building D&I software, or #EqualityTech as we like to call it, I get really excited to share it with the world. Here is my list of top companies building D&I software. (Sorry I have to include Translator they pay me lol.)

    1. Translator: Training and chat support software for D&I.
    1. Pymetrics: Anti-bias recruiting software.
    1. AllVoices: Anti-harassment software (in private beta).
    1. Glassbreakers: Software for managing Employee Resource Groups.
    1. Callisto: Tech to combat sexual assault & harassment.
    1. Blendoor: Hiring technology that reduces unconscious bias.
    1. Bravely: On-demand 3rd party employee coaching platform.
    1. Loris: Artificial Intelligence for hard conversations (in private beta).
  1. Roikoi: Inclusive recruiting software.