By Natalie Egan

Translator was founded on the notion that D&I goes beyond compliance-driven, risk-aversion tactics and counting heads’ in pursuit of diversity ratios. Since embarking on our mission to spread empathy and equality at scale, we’ve come across countless misguided D&I strategies and tactics from organizations across the spectrum from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups, academic institutions and non-profits, and everything in between. Based on what we learned, we compiled a short list of key distinctions to help you talk about D&I in your organization.

Diversity & Inclusion Is Not:

A DEPARTMENT. Nor is it one person or one team’s job. D&I is everyone’s responsibility, but it starts at the top. If your CEO is not 100% bought-in and cannot clearly articulate their personal WIIFM (What’s In It For Me), then your program will not succeed.

CUPCAKES ON PRIDE DAY. Or any other tactical display of equality marketing for any purpose or community. And while it is nice to publicly celebrate our unique identities and heritage a few times a year, equality is not a holiday. In 2018, your employees expect more.

ABOUT COUNTING HEADS. Yet most Chief Diversity Officers are evaluated and receive a bonus based on headcount. Representation matters, but if the talent you hire doesn’t stick around, you have a much bigger problem than you can see.

Diversity & Inclusion Is:

ABOUT TALENT. No one says it better than our good friend Pat David, Senior Diversity Advisor at JPMorgan Chase & Co: “Diversity and talent are the same. It’s how companies achieve their business objectives. Having the best people available for the job all the time. When you hear the term Diversity & Inclusion, try replacing it with ‘talent’ and ‘leadership'”

A LONG-TERM COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. While homogeneous teams may move faster, there is a reason diverse teams make smarter decisions and ultimately outperform teams of clones: balanced representation reduces risk. The pushback that diverse teams can make people uncomfortable at times, is exactly why we need them.

FINALLY MEASURABLE: And will quickly become more so over time. We thank the brave individuals that have shared their stories and the organizations that have stepped up to service the demand for innovation. For a glimpse into the data-driven future of D&I, please contact us for an in-person or web-based demonstration.