Natalie Egan

CEO, Translator


Hi there! My name is Natalie Egan, and I’m an openly transgender technology entrepreneur. My newest company is Translator, and we’re on a mission to solve one of the world’s biggest problems—inequality. 

Being unaware of other perspectives, not being our most authentic selves, and lacking empathy are huge issues for organizations, but they’re global issues, too. Now more than ever in this hyper-connected world, we need tools to better understand each other. Translator is building digital solutions to help businesses promote open and inclusive cultures where all employees can be themselves and thrive.

We are doing this because we have to. At Translator, we are uniquely qualified to create these solutions because everyone on our team has lived and professional experience with the consequences of inequality. In all different ways and for many different reasons each of us  know exactly what it’s like to go through the process of owning who we truly are in corporate America. For us this isn’t just a business—it’s our life mission.

You’ve probably asked yourself how you can make your company a place where everyone can be themselves? How can you foster an environment that people love coming to every day? We can help. Translator transforms organizations through the power of storytelling and technology in all its forms—from simple games to immersive virtual reality experiences. Allowing your employees to cost effectively experience new perspectives and embrace diversity and authenticity in new and measurable ways. The best part? Working with Translator has a ripple effect. It flows down into our communities, families, and friends, to help us all become better people. 

So now you know. Partnering with Translator gives you the power to change your organization, and the world. We hope you’ll join us!


Natalie Egan